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I do a little dog-sitting on the side. Mostly in the neighborhood. It’s not arduous. It gets me off my duff and away from the computer. What’s not to like? I’m in the middle of a three-week gig looking after … Continue reading

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My Afternoon at the ER

Long time, no blog. Can’t blame it on work: two humongous editing jobs just arrived, but for the last couple of weeks “work” has been a less-than-arduous proofread. I’m blaming it on my left leg. A month ago my left … Continue reading

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Pen Not for Hire

I write to make sense of the world. I generally don’t write for money. If someone wants to pay me for what I’ve written, hey, fine, no problem, but I don’t write for hire. There are a couple of reasons … Continue reading

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Drumming in the Rain

The second of the three jobs that have kept me crazy-busy since Memorial Day has gone home (on time!). Finally I’m getting back to Squatters’ Speakeasy. What little writing I managed to do in June was mostly tweaking and revising. … Continue reading

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That Capital “I”

When I first went to work at the Martha’s Vineyard Times, around 1988, I quickly learned to capitalize the I in “island” when it referred to Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard was “the Island.” Nantucket, Naushon, or Manhattan were just “the … Continue reading

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I Say It’s My Birthday

. . . because it is, for another couple of hours. Some years I take my birthday off. This year I didn’t. I’m drowning in work. I can’t afford to take a day off — but I didn’t really want … Continue reading

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Thinking about “getting around,” as in “I use my car mostly to get around” and “If I didn’t have a car, how would I get around?” . . . By the middle of last week, the noise coming from the … Continue reading

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Mediation Training

I spent the last two weekends training to be a mediator. Career change? Not quite. As the instructors and coaches, led by veteran mediator and retired law professor Ed Greenebaum, pointed out several times, we’ve all been mediating all our … Continue reading

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Workspace Overhaul

Amnesia has its uses. I can’t really remember how awful my back felt when I whined about it almost a month ago. I do remember how long it took to get out of bed or pull my socks on, and … Continue reading

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Year-End License Plate Report

Where have I been? you ask. Or maybe you don’t ask. Maybe you’ve been comparably occupied, and as little inclined to reading as I’ve been to writing. To get business out of the way: This is how the map looked … Continue reading

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