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Who’s a Good Boy?

Tam Lin, aka my Tim-Tam-Tommy-O, was a super good dog yesterday, which also happened to be his 16-month-old day. I told him I was going to blog about how wonderful he was, and he said, more or less, “About time! … Continue reading

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February License Plate Report

Numerically February was not an exciting or even noteworthy month, but spotting West Virginia in the MV Hospital parking lot made up for it. Why was I cruising through the hospital parking lot? I had just had a Lyme test. … Continue reading

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Measles on the Map

Measles came to Martha’s Vineyard earlier this month. An off-island child, presumably here on vacation, was taken to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and diagnosed with it. Before, measles was deep background for most of us. Now it occupies a prominent … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain Low

For Travvy, the malamute I share my apartment with, breakfast and supper are the high points of the day. Supper usually comes around five o’clock, sometimes before and sometimes after our late afternoon walk. If I’m working at my laptop, … Continue reading

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Season of the Risk

Fall on Martha’s Vineyard: The days grow shorter, the leaves turn — and deer ticks make a comeback. Ticks are part of the seasonal cycle here. The big ones, called dog ticks or wood ticks, are much in evidence from … Continue reading

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Musing about Lyme

In mid-December I took myself down to the Island Health Clinic, explained to my friendly practitioner that my left knee had certainly improved since it got whacked by Lyme disease and the Baker’s cyst last July but the improvement had … Continue reading

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Bite Back

In 1993, when I participated in the M.V. Land Bank’s first annual cross-island walk, people invariably asked me what cause it was raising money for. “No cause,” I said. “It’s just about walking with other people and learning more about … Continue reading

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My Afternoon at the ER

Long time, no blog. Can’t blame it on work: two humongous editing jobs just arrived, but for the last couple of weeks “work” has been a less-than-arduous proofread. I’m blaming it on my left leg. A month ago my left … Continue reading

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