I’ve been a year-round working resident of Martha’s Vineyard since 1985. Nearly all of what’s written about Martha’s Vineyard is written by people who don’t live here year-round. These people are often well connected in the media world, so their views circulate widely and the rest of the world thinks their views are the whole truth about Martha’s Vineyard. Not so.

From the Seasonally Occupied Territories isn’t the whole truth either. It’s one voice in a chorus, or maybe a cacophony. It’s an observant, sometimes fierce, and idiosyncratic voice that wants to hear more year-rounders thinking, talking, and writing about what happens here, and why. The more voices contribute, the better our collective thinking will be. Here’s mine.

3 Responses to Why?

  1. Gavin Zanker says:

    Hi Susanna, I enjoy your site and nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award. Please check out this link and have a look at the rules if you’d like to participate. Cheers.

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