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Seasonal Switcheroo

Earlier this week I was wearing a T-shirt. I wasn’t wearing shorts although my shorts were still in the shorts drawer, which is the drawer directly under the one with the tank tops and sleeveless Ts. Daylight Saving Time ended … Continue reading

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Spring Snow

March didn’t come in like a lion this year. This year March came in like an unobtrusive house guest who never gets underfoot and maybe even helps out in the kitchen. Once she got comfortable, she threw her weight around … Continue reading

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The off-season is for trespassing. Something like 60 percent of the island’s houses are vacant for 8 or 10 months of the year. There’s no one around to yell at you if you cut through their backyard on the way … Continue reading

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Trip to the Cliffs

I knew that two characters in Wolfie, my novel in progress, were going to have a heavy conversation while walking on a beach. I thought the beach was going to be Great Rock Bight. Imagine my surprise when they wound up … Continue reading

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Blaze Orange

Deer Week every year starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. “Deer Week” these days lasts almost two weeks (no hunting on Sundays), and it’s not the only time hunters can hunt deer, but it’s the only time hunters can hunt deer … Continue reading

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I do a little dog-sitting on the side. Mostly in the neighborhood. It’s not arduous. It gets me off my duff and away from the computer. What’s not to like? I’m in the middle of a three-week gig looking after … Continue reading

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Did I say the other day that the worst of winter wasn’t over at the end of December? It wasn’t. When I went to create a folder for photos of last night’s snowstorm, I realized I already had a folder … Continue reading

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We had a wintry December on Martha’s Vineyard. Life gave me ice, so I got into ice diskology — unmolding the ice that froze in Travvy’s outside water dish and arranging the resulting disks on my little deck. I called … Continue reading

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Ice Diskology

The season that’s currently occupying Martha’s Vineyard is winter, so From the Seasonally Occupied Territories is going to blog about that. With pictures. Last winter I had an epiphany. No, it was not news to me that water freezes when … Continue reading

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Too Much

Nikki Giovanni is reading at Ocean Park at 4. A memorial service for John Mayhew starts at the Ag Hall at 5, with potluck and musicale to follow at 6. A friend is hosting a dessert party/house concert for a … Continue reading

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