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My Afternoon at the ER

Long time, no blog. Can’t blame it on work: two humongous editing jobs just arrived, but for the last couple of weeks “work” has been a less-than-arduous proofread. I’m blaming it on my left leg. A month ago my left … Continue reading

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Workspace Overhaul

Amnesia has its uses. I can’t really remember how awful my back felt when I whined about it almost a month ago. I do remember how long it took to get out of bed or pull my socks on, and … Continue reading

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No kidding. The title doesn’t lie. Read at your own risk. This purple chair came with my otherwise unfurnished studio apartment. (The dog did not.) It’s a comfortable chair. Since Hekate the laptop moved in in July 2010, it’s been … Continue reading

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Saved by a Desk

I don’t think I’ll ever become the person whose dwelling is so jam-packed with books, piles of newspapers, and other stuff that she has only narrow aisles to move in. For one thing, moving 12 times in 27 years has … Continue reading

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