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Pen Not for Hire

I write to make sense of the world. I generally don’t write for money. If someone wants to pay me for what I’ve written, hey, fine, no problem, but I don’t write for hire. There are a couple of reasons … Continue reading

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SMF’s Land Grab Continues

The Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation (SMF) — a Vineyard conservation nonprofit that has long since lost sight of its founder’s mission — is still trying to steamroller Ben Ramsey and Nisa Counter into giving up their land on Blue Barque Road … Continue reading

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Earlier today someone posted to Facebook’s MV Stuff 4 Sale page on behalf of some friends of hers: a couple with two young children who’ve just been kicked out of their house by their landlord, who’s decided he wants to … Continue reading

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Has SMF Lost the Plot?

Tom Counter submitted the following letter to both island newspapers. The Martha’s Vineyard Times declined to print it. The Vineyard Gazette has said it was going to print it, but as of last Friday’s paper, it hadn’t appeared. I’m honored … Continue reading

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