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A Bookselling Snake

Is it September 15th already?? I spend the whole summer looking forward to Labor Day, and now it’s been two weeks in the rear-view mirror. The island around me may have slowed down somewhat — the traffic definitely has — … Continue reading

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Into the Mud

The title of my first novel, The Mud of the Place, came from its epigraph, a quote from a 1994 interview with the late poet-writer-activist Grace Paley: “If your feet aren’t in the mud of a place, you’d better watch where your … Continue reading

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Once upon a time I must have made New Year’s resolutions. Who hasn’t? I doubt I kept many of them. Who does? It’s a cliché how much exercise equipment winds up in the classifieds by the first of February. I did … Continue reading

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Why We’re Cautious

Wolfie, my novel in progress, takes place on Martha’s Vineyard, as did its predecessor, The Mud of the Place. Those who eventually read it may have no acquaintance whatsoever with the island, and those who do don’t live on the same Martha’s … Continue reading

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Happy 90th, Shirley!

Today my friend Shirley Mayhew turns 90. If I don’t finish this post PDQ, I’ll have to say yesterday. I’ve met many, many amazing women in my life, but Shirley is near the top of the list. Shirley moved to … Continue reading

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3 Quotes, 3 Days: Day 3

It’s actually Day 4 because somehow I missed Day 3, but here goes anyway. It’s International Women’s Day, after all, and I just saw Suffragette at the Vineyard Haven library. For more about the 3 Quotes, 3 Days challenge, see Day … Continue reading

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3 Quotes, 3 Days: Day 2

For more about the 3 Quotes, 3 Days challenge, see Day 1. When I came to Martha’s Vineyard in 1985, part of me thought I was taking a year off to work on a novel. I never finished that novel, … Continue reading

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3 Quotes, 3 Days: Day 1

My favorite blogs open windows into the lives of other people, especially other women, other creative types, and people in other places. The blogger of The Glass Bangle fits all three categories: she’s a poet and writer who lives in South India. … Continue reading

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Trip to the Cliffs

I knew that two characters in Wolfie, my novel in progress, were going to have a heavy conversation while walking on a beach. I thought the beach was going to be Great Rock Bight. Imagine my surprise when they wound up … Continue reading

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Dear Microsoft:

Not to worry, Microsoft: Bash the Behemoth is a popular sport, but I haven’t come here to bash you. I’ve come to relate some of my adventures since adopting my second laptop this past November. First off, a little background: … Continue reading

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