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Sunday afternoon I delivered orders to two MVY Co-op members, one in Chilmark, the other in Aquinnah. It was a glorious day for a drive up-island, and anything past the West Tisbury–Chilmark line is off my psychic map. That means … Continue reading

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Listening Tour #1

Dylan Fernandes, state representative elect from the Barnstable Dukes Nantucket district, ran a campaign that emphasized “transparency, accessibility, and community engagement,” so it’s not surprising that a month before he takes office he was already conducting his first “listening tour” of … Continue reading

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Now Filming in West Tisbury

Seen from a distance, Martha’s Vineyard looks bucolic, homogeneous, and maybe even a little boring. Up close it’s much more interesting. The best way to understand what the place is about, how it works and how it doesn’t, is to … Continue reading

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Undercover in the Summerland

Ta-Nehisi Coates might be the best, most challenging, most important writer I’ve read in years. I’ve been following his blog on TheAtlantic.com for a while now. His Atlantic essay “The Case for Reparations” is must-reading for anyone on the verge of rage … Continue reading

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My First Visit to Pathways

Early on New Year’s Eve, I made my way up-island to Pathways, a winter happening at the Chilmark Tavern. Pathways is now, I’m told, in its sixth year, but this was my first visit. Chilmark and, beyond it, Aquinnah aren’t … Continue reading

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Yes indeed, the president and first family are here. They arrived yesterday. I’ve been saying for years that if you’ve seen one presidential visit, you’ve seen them all. This is not quite true. The first — by President Clinton in … Continue reading

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Pen Not for Hire

I write to make sense of the world. I generally don’t write for money. If someone wants to pay me for what I’ve written, hey, fine, no problem, but I don’t write for hire. There are a couple of reasons … Continue reading

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Town Lines

It just dawned on me that here it is only Wednesday and I’ve already been in five of the six island towns. This is unusual. West Tisbury is a no-brainer: I live in it. I do most of my grocery … Continue reading

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Great Rock Bight

All work and no play makes Susanna a dull girl and Travvy a bored boy, so after we’d done our banking and our post officeing yesterday, I decided a trip to Waskosim’s Rock was in order. So what if it … Continue reading

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Invasive Species

If the ecological police fined businesses for wasting paper, they’d surely cite the Vineyard Gazette every week in summer when its Tuesday edition comes out. This past Tuesday’s paper, however, was worth a look. Being ecologically aware (not to mention … Continue reading

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