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Gossip is widely assumed to be, by definition, frivolous, erroneous, and/or malicious. Call it “orally transmitted information” and it gets more respect. My first few years on Martha’s Vineyard I didn’t believe people who said they rarely read the local … Continue reading

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In Praise of Career Politicians

Coming home from grocery shopping yesterday, I pulled in to down-island Cronig’s to see if I could find a few things that Reliable either was out of (stew beef and no-beans chili) or doesn’t carry (Brigham’s mocha chip ice cream … Continue reading

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Martha’s Vineyard Basketball

Slightly adapted from the review I just posted on Goodreads . . . No, I’m not a sports fan, but my fascination with the Vineyard and anything related to race and class is insatiable, so I had such hopes for … Continue reading

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When I’m 64

That would be today, and for the next 364 days until I turn 65. I love birthdays on Facebook. People from all the nooks, crannies, and corners of my life check in with birthday greetings and remind me of all … Continue reading

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Drumming in the Rain

The second of the three jobs that have kept me crazy-busy since Memorial Day has gone home (on time!). Finally I’m getting back to Squatters’ Speakeasy. What little writing I managed to do in June was mostly tweaking and revising. … Continue reading

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That Capital “I”

When I first went to work at the Martha’s Vineyard Times, around 1988, I quickly learned to capitalize the I in “island” when it referred to Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard was “the Island.” Nantucket, Naushon, or Manhattan were just “the … Continue reading

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Mediation Training

I spent the last two weekends training to be a mediator. Career change? Not quite. As the instructors and coaches, led by veteran mediator and retired law professor Ed Greenebaum, pointed out several times, we’ve all been mediating all our … Continue reading

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This started off as a brief intro to Bountiful, Susan Klein and Alan Brigish’s just-published and utterly wonderful history of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society and its annual fair (which starts Thursday!!). Bountiful is one of the few island-related editing … Continue reading

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