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Rhodry Remembered

Rhodry died on February 26, 2008. Travvy was born the very next day, though I didn’t know it till I met him almost two months later. Ever since, there’s come a two-day period between Candlemas and the spring equinox when … Continue reading

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Waskosims Rock

These photos were supposed to be part of “Faith,” which I posted two days ago, but as usual my words wandered off in a different direction and the photos didn’t fit. There was a connection, though. The sun was close … Continue reading

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Nothing Happening

A while back (was it already a month ago??), I expressed some reservations about “laureation,” specifically the proliferation of poets laureate on Martha’s Vineyard. Lee Mccormack had just given his inaugural reading as Martha’s Vineyard’s first poet laureate. Lee is … Continue reading

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Dull Day

Warning: This post contains no photos. Nothing much happens in it either. And on top of that, it’s two days late. O brave ones, read on . . . Monday morning I awoke, as usual, a bit before six. Also … Continue reading

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Earlier today someone posted to Facebook’s MV Stuff 4 Sale page on behalf of some friends of hers: a couple with two young children who’ve just been kicked out of their house by their landlord, who’s decided he wants to … Continue reading

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Saved by a Desk

I don’t think I’ll ever become the person whose dwelling is so jam-packed with books, piles of newspapers, and other stuff that she has only narrow aisles to move in. For one thing, moving 12 times in 27 years has … Continue reading

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Happy 4th, Travvy

Before he died Rhodry was very clear that I had to get another dog. So was I. After he died I was even clearer, all the more so when doglessness began to seem normal. How to find a dog? I … Continue reading

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Remembering Rhodry

My Rhodry died four years ago today. I saw him and his littermates born on December 17, 1994, and in the following days and weeks I spent many hours with the puppies. Around week 3 little Han Solo (all the … Continue reading

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We take dogs seriously on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s often said, and this is true. Many, many people have at least one dog. Dogs go to work, not only on construction sites but also in some shops and offices. Dogs are … Continue reading

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I’ve got a horsesitting gig this weekend, which rearranges my morning routine somewhat.  Usually I get up, feed Trav, boot up Hekate the laptop, go downstairs (where my bathroom is) to brush teeth and splash water on face, and come … Continue reading

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