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It Could Have Been Me

Today would have been my friend Rachel’s 67th birthday. She stopped getting older when she died of cancer this past December, age 66. She so wanted to see Donald Trump impeached but she didn’t quite make it. She died on … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

Masasyu’s Fellow Traveller “Travvy” February 27, 2008–March 15, 2019 My Travvy is gone. It all happened so fast. Last Wednesday morning he was his own self, trotting along on our walk, sometimes sniffing the bushes to “see” who or what … Continue reading

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Crow was hopping along the trail maybe 20 feet in front of us. It tried to lift off and couldn’t. Trav’s Flexi extends that far, but I held him back. He leaned into his harness and panted, not just from … Continue reading

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An Uncommon Memorial

I was, as usual, running a little late. I was caught, totally not as usual, in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam on sleepy Scotchman’s Bridge Road. Leaning out the window, I saw cars backed up behind me as far as the … Continue reading

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I got the news via Facebook early last evening. There in my news feed was the genial, instantly recognizable face of Pat Gregory moderating a West Tisbury town meeting, and next to it the ungraspable Martha’s Vineyard Times headline: “Pat Gregory murdered … Continue reading

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Rhodry Remembered

Rhodry died on February 26, 2008. Travvy was born the very next day, though I didn’t know it till I met him almost two months later. Ever since, there’s come a two-day period between Candlemas and the spring equinox when … Continue reading

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A Death on the Beach

Tuesday a woman I know was found dead on Lambert’s Cove Beach. The editor in me wants to change that to knew: Tuesday a woman I knew . . . The writer says stet. Till the moment Sharon died, the … Continue reading

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Farmer Kills Dog

The last few weeks I’ve had my nose to the grindstone, or rather my eyes on the laptop screen and my fingers near the keyboard, so I didn’t pick up on this story till 11 days after it happened. I’ve … Continue reading

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Young Sea Gull

A recent Tompost on TheTomPostPile (a must for anyone who wants to see and hear more about Martha’s Vineyard), “We Meet Death on the Beach,” reminded me of a poem I wrote in October 1985, just a few months after … Continue reading

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