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10 Reasons Why I Like Living on Martha’s Vineyard

I wrote this about 10 years ago, when setting up susannajsturgis.com, my first home on the web. On a recent rereading I was surprised to realize that most of it is still mostly true. I now have several virtual homes: … Continue reading

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Vineyard Exceptional

In 1985, when I moved to Martha’s Vineyard from the women’s community of Washington, D.C., I was expecting differences. Differences I found, you bet, but also surprising similarities. People in both places, for instance, were convinced they were special by … Continue reading

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The other day word went round that a friend’s sign had been stolen from its accustomed place at the end of his road. This wasn’t just any sign: it’s unique, hand-crafted and -painted, and big enough to be legible from … Continue reading

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The Key Sestina

This poem came back to me while I was writing yesterday’s blog. When I lived in D.C., my keys wore holes in the hip pocket of my jeans. On Martha’s Vineyard I carried no keys at all. This might have … Continue reading

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This Blog’s for Norway

Living on Martha’s Vineyard makes me wonder if tourists ever see anything real, and if they do, do they recognize it? I also spend a fair amount of time seething about tourists and recent arrivals who write authoritatively about what … Continue reading

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