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Hunting Season

It’s Sunday in the middle of shotgun deer season and there’s no hunting on Sunday so I didn’t wear my orange vest when Tam and I went out this morning. Shotgun deer season began the Monday after Thanksgiving and runs … Continue reading

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Rally for Gun Safety

Note: This post first appeared on the new website of the Women’s Committee of We Stand Together / Estamos Todos Juntos (WST/ETJ), which I manage; it has been updated and revised. If you live or spend time on the Vineyard … Continue reading

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Gun Store on Main Street

Early this past week an email went round with the subject line “Gun Store on Main Street.” It started thus: “It can’t happen here”… Sinclair Lewis Or could it? There is a proposal in the works to open a guns … Continue reading

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Shotgun Season

Deer Week has rolled around again. As noted last year in “Blaze Orange,” Deer Week is almost two weeks long — this year it runs from Monday, November 30, through Saturday, December 12 — and it’s not the only time … Continue reading

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Blaze Orange

Deer Week every year starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. “Deer Week” these days lasts almost two weeks (no hunting on Sundays), and it’s not the only time hunters can hunt deer, but it’s the only time hunters can hunt deer … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview

An excerpt from my novel in progress, working title Wolfie, has just been posted to the Writers & Other Animals blog. Writers & Other Animals features regular guest bloggers, most of whom are writing about animals — especially dogs! While you’re over there, browse the … Continue reading

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Deer Season

Deer season began this past Monday. We used to call it “deer week,” but now it runs two weeks, no hunting on Sunday. Deer season actually began on October 21 and continues through the last day of the year. Archers … Continue reading

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I wasn’t going to blog about Newtown. “Mud of the place” and all that: my feet aren’t in the mud of that place, and I’m trying to watch where my mouth is. On the other hand, I do have my … Continue reading

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