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O is for Online #AtoZChallenge

When the retina in my right eye detached in early August 2004, I’d been off-island at most twice since 9/11. In the following months, I made numerous eye-related trips to Boston: ferry to Woods Hole, bus to South Station, subway … Continue reading

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Belated 10th Anniversary

So I’m three days late blogging the tenth anniversary of 9/11. So what. 9/11 is going to be around for a while, despite the best attempts of the news media to blather it to death. If the rest of us … Continue reading

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I spent half of yesterday morning dealing with a malware infestation on my laptop, the mighty Hekate O’Dell. You may think this has nothing to do with living on Martha’s Vineyard, but Hekate and I live on Martha’s Vineyard and … Continue reading

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