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Trust Your Eyes

People say this all the time. I do too. It’s metonymy: it’s less about your literal eyes and more about your perception, non-visual as well as visual. But my eyes have been crappy since I was in elementary school, and … Continue reading

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Whacked by a Dog

Going from the sublime to the — well, maybe not ridiculous, but rather somewhat mundane and a little bit gross. WARNING: Grim photos follow. Longtime readers of this blog may recognize that the title of this post harks back to … Continue reading

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June License Plate Report

Last year’s June was so spectacular — nine new sightings — that this year’s is a bit disappointing: only three. One of them was Utah, however, which I never did get last year, so that’s something. Tennessee and Delaware were the … Continue reading

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May License Plate Report

I’d say that in the license plate game, May was six times better than April, but I learned in math class that anything multiplied by zero is zero so instead I’ll just note that May’s haul was much better than … Continue reading

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O is for Online #AtoZChallenge

When the retina in my right eye detached in early August 2004, I’d been off-island at most twice since 9/11. In the following months, I made numerous eye-related trips to Boston: ferry to Woods Hole, bus to South Station, subway … Continue reading

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My Terrorist Eye

I’m trying something a little different here. I wrote “My Terrorist Eye: Risk, the Unexpected, and the War on Terrorism” between 2004 and 2008. The events that inspired it are made clear in the essay. The link below leads to … Continue reading

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June License Plate Report

A quality haul, if not a huge one: Idaho, Georgia, and Missouri. The map now has a belt across its midsection, and the East Coast is finally complete. Why does it seem I spot Tennessee every time I turn around? … Continue reading

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The kernel of what follows was part of my 9/11 anniversary blog, but writing has a will of its own and when I got to the end of “Belated 10th Anniversary” it no longer fit. I zapped it. In writing … Continue reading

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