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Q is for Questions #AtoZChallenge

With Q drawing closer, not swiftly exactly but steadily, I was drawing — not quite a blank, but I wasn’t inspired. I solicited suggestions from Facebook friends. Quirky, quixotic, query, question, quahaug (aka quahog) . . . All worthy, but still not … Continue reading

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Gossip is widely assumed to be, by definition, frivolous, erroneous, and/or malicious. Call it “orally transmitted information” and it gets more respect. My first few years on Martha’s Vineyard I didn’t believe people who said they rarely read the local … Continue reading

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White Tent

Trav and I cross the grounds or playing fields of the West Tisbury School at least once a day and often twice, so of course I noticed when the white tent appeared a few days ago. Tents are not unusual … Continue reading

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Small-Town Journalism in the ’80s

Guest blogger Eileen Maley was the first Calendar editor of the Martha’s Vineyard Times. I was the second. If it hadn’t been for Eileen, I wouldn’t have wound up at the Times at all: at a West Tisbury town meeting ca. 1987, this woman I … Continue reading

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After being briefly upstaged by missing-plane porn and Crimea porn, weather porn staged a comeback. It was no ordinary storm incoming, it was worst storm ever and it was heading straight for us. Well, OK, not straight for Martha’s Vineyard, … Continue reading

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Yes indeed, the president and first family are here. They arrived yesterday. I’ve been saying for years that if you’ve seen one presidential visit, you’ve seen them all. This is not quite true. The first — by President Clinton in … Continue reading

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Remembering Tony Lewis

Word arrived earlier today that Anthony Lewis died this morning. In the proliferating obituaries, appreciations, and commentaries, you can read all about his major contributions to journalism, the law, and the intersection of the two, including his influential (and still … Continue reading

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