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From where I sit to work, read, write postcards to voters, and (don’t tell anybody) play too many games of Spider solitaire, I have a clear view out my front door. My front door is mostly glass and opens onto … Continue reading

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Crow was hopping along the trail maybe 20 feet in front of us. It tried to lift off and couldn’t. Trav’s Flexi extends that far, but I held him back. He leaned into his harness and panted, not just from … Continue reading

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Swans Got Your Goat?

I. Goats On our morning walk the other day, Travvy and I left the bike path, heading toward the West Tisbury School. Immediately I caught a metallic glint from the little meadow up ahead. We walk past that meadow almost … Continue reading

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Swans a-Swimming

When we drive, walk, or bike past the Mill Pond, most of us slow down and glance sideways to see what’s happening. Something always is, though it’s easy to miss if one cruises through at 35 miles an hour — … Continue reading

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Cooped Up

WARNING: You’re going to have to use your imagination on this one because I didn’t have my camera with me. Over the holidays I’ve been looking after a neighbor’s critters: one dog, two cats, and five hens. I feed them … Continue reading

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Whacked by an Owl

I got home from writers’ group a little after nine last night. The downstairs outside light was on, but both the deck and the apartment were dark. Getting out of the car, I couldn’t see Travvy but I knew he … Continue reading

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Kim for Pope

The other day Pope Benedict XVI announced his intention to resign the papacy at the end of this month. The news produced a big splash internationally but barely a ripple on Martha’s Vineyard, preoccupied as we were with the approach … Continue reading

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Young Sea Gull

A recent Tompost on TheTomPostPile (a must for anyone who wants to see and hear more about Martha’s Vineyard), “We Meet Death on the Beach,” reminded me of a poem I wrote in October 1985, just a few months after … Continue reading

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