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From where I sit to work, read, write postcards to voters, and (don’t tell anybody) play too many games of Spider solitaire, I have a clear view out my front door. My front door is mostly glass and opens onto … Continue reading

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What Next?

Travvy’s death came sudden and unexpected. Yes, he was 11, but he was doing fine — until he wasn’t, and a day and a half later he was gone. I’d had it in my mind that since Rhodry, his predecessor, … Continue reading

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Split Screen

On June 26, two Alaskan malamutes, Tucker and Huey, got loose from their run in Hillsdale County, Michigan. Their owners, Dawn and Jeff McClellan, started searching for them right away. The McClellans believe that the two dogs went to a … Continue reading

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Camp N Packin’

Getting off-island on a holiday weekend is all good, and when you’re going to Camp N Pack it’s even better. This is last weekend we’re talking about, Columbus Day weekend, the real end of “the season” and the time when … Continue reading

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Hot Ts

It’s been hot. How hot? Usually I do laundry when I run out of underwear. Yesterday I did laundry because I’d run out of tank tops and muscle Ts. There were only two regular Ts on the line, and no … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about fear since last Tuesday’s special town meeting. Well, no: I’ve been thinking about fear since my right retina detached in the summer of 2004 and set me on the road that led to “My Terrorist Eye: … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago Travvy and I headed north for a Rally Obedience trial in Raymond, New Hampshire. When we left home, Raymond, New Hampshire, wasn’t on my psychic map. From the moment I passed exit 32 on I-495, I was … Continue reading

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Doomsdog Coda

In my last report on Zion and Sensi, the two Akitas who ran afoul of the law in my town of West Tisbury, an agreement had been made to turn the dogs over to the Lexus Project, an organization based … Continue reading

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We take dogs seriously on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s often said, and this is true. Many, many people have at least one dog. Dogs go to work, not only on construction sites but also in some shops and offices. Dogs are … Continue reading

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