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Candidates’ Night

There are only two contested races on West Tisbury’s town election ballot, and so far the buzz is not exactly overwhelming, but the turnout for Candidates’ Night on Wednesday was respectable enough. The event was organized and moderated by the … Continue reading

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Small Town Nuts & Bolts

One of the few good things to come out of last November’s presidential election results is a renewed interest in how government works, or is supposed to work, and how we can go about influencing it most effectively. So Saturday … Continue reading

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Town Meeting 2015

It’s town meeting season on Martha’s Vineyard. Four towns held theirs this past Tuesday, including my town of West Tisbury. Aside: In Vineyard newspapers, ATM is shorthand for “annual town meeting.” We know it doesn’t always mean “automatic teller machine,” just the … Continue reading

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A Saner Way to Shop

A Vineyard Haven retailer’s announcement that her store would open at 5 a.m. on “Black Friday” elicited some groans and eye-rolling on Facebook and elsewhere. Martha’s Vineyard is more like the world across the water than some people like to … Continue reading

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MV on FB Update

When I’d been on Facebook a year, I blogged about it. This seems to be a universal truth: If you blog and if you use social media, sooner or later you will blog about social media. I was a late … Continue reading

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Kim for Pope

The other day Pope Benedict XVI announced his intention to resign the papacy at the end of this month. The news produced a big splash internationally but barely a ripple on Martha’s Vineyard, preoccupied as we were with the approach … Continue reading

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I hoped I’d made that word up, but no such luck: poets can be laureated, making them poets laureate, and the act of doing so is laureation. The dictionary says so. Laureation, specifically the laureation of poets, is enjoying a … Continue reading

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Are You a Meeting-holic?

My previous blog, “Meetings,” inspired Dan Waters to write the following. Dan, poet, artist, and musician, is also a trustee of the West Tisbury Free Public Library and very, very involved in its renovation and expansion plans. In other words, … Continue reading

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Pit Stop

Some cold winter nights it seems that Oak Bluffs is just too far from West Tisbury to venture after dark, but other nights the incentive is powerful enough to make me bundle up and set off. (Note to off-islanders: Oak … Continue reading

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Creative Living

An incomplete list of my interactions with Dan Waters, in no particular order but all from the current calendar year: I attended a performance at the Vineyard Haven library in which Dan and Jemima James performed a selection of songs, … Continue reading

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