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Two Downed Trees

The snow hung around long enough this winter that I almost forgot what my neighborhood looked like before the snow started falling. Gradually the snow melted. Gradually spring flowers bloomed and the grass turned green. Now the oaks are leafing … Continue reading

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Ghost Trees Blooming

Every year I think I’ve missed the shadbush blooming and every year I’m wrong. Driving down State Road I glance repeatedly into the mostly oak woods that haven’t leafed out yet. When the fragile white flowers appear, they seem to … Continue reading

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Spring Planting

From late January till early March the snow was so deep at Misty Meadows that on our morning walks Trav and I avoided the big meadow that is usually on our route. Since then we’ve been walking around it again, watching … Continue reading

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April 15 + 1

This year I not only blew right by April 15, I barely noticed it approaching. What a wonder. Since I started freelancing full-time, in 1999, I have dreaded the approach of Tax Day. For an account of my annual angst, … Continue reading

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Spring on the Line

How do I know it’s really spring? Early spring culminates in yellow season. In mid-spring yellow starts yielding to purple and green conquers (almost) all. The shade to the left of my work chair is pulled all the way down … Continue reading

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Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Yellow season was well under way before I noticed it this year, probably because April was cool and everyone was bitching about how winter would never end. True, there was enough ice in Travvy’s outdoor water dish to make an … Continue reading

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Spring Is Springing

There’s been no ice in Travvy’s outside water dish for days now. No need for my trusty Yaktrax. I just put them in the cold-weather drawer to slumber spring away with my fleece hood, scarf, and most of my gloves … Continue reading

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Time Change

Last night I was nodding off over an arduous editing job. It was only 8:30. I switched to a somewhat less arduous editing job, thinking it might help me stay awake. No go. At 9:05, I nudged Travvy out of … Continue reading

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Poison Ivy

The undersung green in the landscape. Everyone rhapsodizes about the coming of spring, but no one rhapsodizes about poison ivy. There’s a lot of it out there. It climbs up trees, it lurks under scrub oak and huckleberry, it even … Continue reading

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Green Green

The unfolding of spring this year has been unusually entrancing, or maybe it’s just that I’ve been more-than-usually entranced. In winter, I packed my little Canon PowerShot on late-afternoon walks when the gathering clouds promised a vivid sunset. These days … Continue reading

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