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Every Once in a While . . .

. . . living on Martha’s Vineyard seems worth the tradeoffs: the high cost of living, the rent insecurity, the widespread head-in-the-sand attitude to long-term challenges, and so on and on. Unfortunately there’s plenty of sand around for people to … Continue reading

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B is for Beach #AtoZChallenge

See here for more about the Blogging A to Z Challenge. B is for Beach — it’s a no-brainer, right? Martha’s Vineyard is an island. Its whole perimeter is beach of one kind of another, and much of it is … Continue reading

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Sunset at Lambert’s Cove

It being about 18 degrees F (–8 C) out, sunny, with a brisk wind blowing, I thought it was a fine day for the beach, so Trav and I went for a sunset walk at Lambert’s Cove. Before I got … Continue reading

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A Death on the Beach

Tuesday a woman I know was found dead on Lambert’s Cove Beach. The editor in me wants to change that to knew: Tuesday a woman I knew . . . The writer says stet. Till the moment Sharon died, the … Continue reading

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The Politics of Personalities

Neither the town of West Tisbury, the commonwealth of Massachusetts, nor the United States of America is going to stand or fall based on the votes that were taken at last night’s special town meeting. Most of them were about … Continue reading

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Last November, at a special town meeting (STM), West Tisbury voters very narrowly voted to ban dogs from Lambert’s Cove Beach between June 15 and September 15. Up till then dogs had been allowed on the beach before 10 a.m. … Continue reading

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Dogs on the Beach?

We take dogs seriously on Martha’s Vineyard, so it’s often said, but (as is often the case) this “we” is not monolithic. Spring is town meeting season on the island, and one of the articles on the West Tisbury town … Continue reading

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Democracy Face-to-Face

On Martha’s Vineyard “ATM” stands for “annual town meeting” at least as often as for “automated teller machine.” We have that kind of ATM too, but I deal with non-automated tellers whenever possible because the ATMs (1) don’t know my … Continue reading

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