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Gun Store on Main Street

Early this past week an email went round with the subject line “Gun Store on Main Street.” It started thus: “It can’t happen here”… Sinclair Lewis Or could it? There is a proposal in the works to open a guns … Continue reading

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Real Life Isn’t 20/20

Hot — OK, lukewarm — news item in the Vineyard Gazette: “Midnight Farm Manager Charged with Theft.” No, this is not about the security guard at an all-night agricultural establishment, and the individual was not charged with rustling sheep. Midnight Farm … Continue reading

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I wasn’t going to blog about Newtown. “Mud of the place” and all that: my feet aren’t in the mud of that place, and I’m trying to watch where my mouth is. On the other hand, I do have my … Continue reading

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Shooting Update

Both the Martha’s Vineyard Times and the Vineyard Gazette have updated their stories on Friday’s shooting. Key points: Michael O’Keefe, district attorney for the Cape and Islands, has determined that this was a homicide committed in self-defense. Cynthia Bloomquist will … Continue reading

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Guns, No Glory

No significant updates have been reported on last Friday’s shooting in my town. As far as I know, Cynthia Bloomquist is still in the hospital. It now appears that Kenneth Bloomquist broke into the house carrying both a rifle and … Continue reading

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Shooting in My Town

Trav and I were practicing a bit on the tennis court this morning when an EMT sped down Old County Road, lights flashing, siren wailing. A few moments later a West Tisbury police cruiser followed, then another emergency vehicle. An … Continue reading

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