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Rocky Mountain Low

For Travvy, the malamute I share my apartment with, breakfast and supper are the high points of the day. Supper usually comes around five o’clock, sometimes before and sometimes after our late afternoon walk. If I’m working at my laptop, … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview

An excerpt from my novel in progress, working title Wolfie, has just been posted to the Writers & Other Animals blog. Writers & Other Animals features regular guest bloggers, most of whom are writing about animals — especially dogs! While you’re over there, browse the … Continue reading

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Travvy Is Six!

In honor of Trav’s sixth birthday, I just reread my April 27, 2008, blog about meeting him for the first time at Masasyu Alaskan Malamutes in Canandaigua, New York. We spent our first night in a motel. A motel? With … Continue reading

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Rhodry Remembered

Rhodry died on February 26, 2008. Travvy was born the very next day, though I didn’t know it till I met him almost two months later. Ever since, there’s come a two-day period between Candlemas and the spring equinox when … Continue reading

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I do a little dog-sitting on the side. Mostly in the neighborhood. It’s not arduous. It gets me off my duff and away from the computer. What’s not to like? I’m in the middle of a three-week gig looking after … Continue reading

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Live and Learn

Yesterday it snowed. Yesterday was a gray day. The snow was wet and there wasn’t much of it. This morning it sparkled. The snow was both pristine and easy to walk in. What’s not to like? Snow reveals the passage … Continue reading

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Pen Not for Hire

I write to make sense of the world. I generally don’t write for money. If someone wants to pay me for what I’ve written, hey, fine, no problem, but I don’t write for hire. There are a couple of reasons … Continue reading

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Split Screen

On June 26, two Alaskan malamutes, Tucker and Huey, got loose from their run in Hillsdale County, Michigan. Their owners, Dawn and Jeff McClellan, started searching for them right away. The McClellans believe that the two dogs went to a … Continue reading

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I still can’t wrap my head around the phrase “reality TV,” or the culture that came up with it, or the way it rolls trippingly off our tongues as if it makes sense. What will scholars from a different space-time … Continue reading

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Disaster Drill

Whenever a hurricane barrels up the East Coast or a blizzard bears down on New England, a few panicky friends halfway around the country are sure that Martha’s Vineyard is about to be flooded off the planet. True, on a … Continue reading

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