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Best 4th of July Ever

Hurricane Arthur, first of the season, dealt us a glancing blow on Friday. In anticipation, most July 4th activities, including the big parade in Edgartown, were postponed till Saturday. So my 4th of July actually took place on the 3rd, … Continue reading

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The Morgan Comes to Call

The Charles W. Morgan sailed into Vineyard Haven harbor on Wednesday, June 18, escorted by a local flotilla and her companion ship, the Roann. Built in 1841, the bark Morgan is the last of the U.S. whaling fleet, which once numbered more than 2,700. After several … Continue reading

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Got the “Whaddym’I Doin’ Here” Blues

I found this in my old Bloggery while looking for something else. Posted on November 3, 2005. I’ve passed a few milestones since then but the place I’m in now looks a lot the same, even though I’m living in … Continue reading

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March Walk

We “sprang forward” clock-wise (hyphen inserted to suggest that we aren’t going round in circles) in the wee hours of Sunday morning. What to do with the extra hour of daylight at the end of the afternoon? The day was … Continue reading

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