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Living Dangerously at the Farmers Market

Weekend shocker: Yesterday I bought (i.e., paid for) lettuce. Lettuce does, infrequently, come into my apartment thanks to gardener friends with an excess of greens, but green vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables, are rarely seen in my kitchen. What I … Continue reading

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I Hate Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

The other day X declared that she’d taken to her bed with raw spinach poisoning. A friend noted that X’s symptoms sounded suspiciously like those of the nasty stomach bug she herself had just gotten over, and she had not … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago Travvy and I headed north for a Rally Obedience trial in Raymond, New Hampshire. When we left home, Raymond, New Hampshire, wasn’t on my psychic map. From the moment I passed exit 32 on I-495, I was … Continue reading

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My Menagerie

For ten days or so I’m looking after a neighbor’s dog. Along with the dog come two handsome ginger cats, four hens, and two ducks, the female of whom is sitting on an egg. The ducks are a recent acquisition. … Continue reading

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Fear & Loathing in the Garden Patch

I hate fresh fruits and vegetables. What I hate most about fresh vegetables are the deadlines: use me now or I will turn to gelatinous goo in your refrigerator. I’m a freelance editor. I have enough deadlines in my life. … Continue reading

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