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MV on FB Update

When I’d been on Facebook a year, I blogged about it. This seems to be a universal truth: If you blog and if you use social media, sooner or later you will blog about social media. I was a late … Continue reading

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Tripod in the Backseat

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a fiction writer came from a theater director. “Make interesting choices,” he said. What’s an interesting choice? One that opens up possibilities. Watch a good improvisational theater troupe at work. Its … Continue reading

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April License Plate Report

Only two new sightings: Iowa and Kentucky. The YTD total is 32. How is this license plate map different from all previous license plate maps? Sure, it looks like all its predecessors, but it was scanned on my new scanner. … Continue reading

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MV Stuff 4 Sale

Last February, having been on Facebook for just over a year, I blogged about why I liked it. I listed four Vineyard-specific things I liked. One of them was MV Stuff 4 Sale. Kim Hilliard, massage therapist and musician, had … Continue reading

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Nearly all my shoes are boots. I do possess one pair of genuine shoes (sensible, of course), along with a pair of sneakers and an ancient pair of Birkenstock knockoffs, but most of my shoes are boots. When I was … Continue reading

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Facebook MV

Anything any Facebook junkie says about Facebook has to be taken with a few grains of salt, for the same reasons that no junkie can be trusted where junk is concerned. Everyone’s the hero of her own story, and most … Continue reading

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Internet Blackout

High winds kept the SSA ferries in their slips last Friday and Saturday. Some people freaked out. Not me. Didn’t I once go two and a half years without going off-island? I started to wallow in my own smugness — … Continue reading

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Digital Dynamism

Talk about the “digital divide” has been de rigueur for years now. It’s generally taken to refer to the gap between those who have access to computers and the Internet and those who don’t, and/or to the quality and quantity … Continue reading

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