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Mid-Spring on the Line

It was like winning the lottery: I was almost out of underwear, laundry needed to be done, and Wednesday — two-for-one day at the Airport Laundromat — dawned bright and very breezy. Off I went, a little later than usual: … Continue reading

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Late May on the Line

Yesterday I asked someone if Memorial Day really was this weekend. It really was, or is, or is soon to be. Spring has been touch-and-go, catch-me-if-you-can this year, but being caught by surprise by Memorial Day weekend is like being … Continue reading

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Fall Comes to the Clothesline

If Blake could see “a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower,” then why can’t I trace the turning of the seasons on my clothesline? Why not indeed. Here goes. Thursday dawned bright and sunny and … Continue reading

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I do my laundry at the Airport Laundromat. When the laundry hamper is high and the clean underwear supply approaching nil — about every three weeks — I start watching the weather for a good drying day. Then off I … Continue reading

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My Laundromat

It rain rain rained all night, but when I rose around 6 a.m. clearing looked like a definite possibility. Weather Underground agreed. The laundromat opens at 8; we were there by 8:30. Laundromats can be great catch-up-on-gossip community centers. The … Continue reading

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