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Ballot Box Exceptionalism

In the wake of last Thursday’s primary election, I’m thinking once again about Vineyard exceptionalism. This is nothing new. I’ve blogged about it, I rant about it, sometimes I obsess about it. But first here’s how my candidates fared: Paulo … Continue reading

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On Community

This is a sequel of sorts to “Vineyard Exceptional.” At the end of “Vineyard Exceptional” I said that I’d bitten off more than I could chew. This was true. I said that a follow-up on community would be along soon. … Continue reading

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Vineyard Exceptional

In 1985, when I moved to Martha’s Vineyard from the women’s community of Washington, D.C., I was expecting differences. Differences I found, you bet, but also surprising similarities. People in both places, for instance, were convinced they were special by … Continue reading

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