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Rockin’ Jerusalem

I’ve blogged about Jim Thomas’s Spirituals Choir, in which I sing, a couple of times. See especially “Singing for Our Lives,” from July 2012, and “Sing All the Way,” from July of this year. This past weekend we sang at … Continue reading

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Sing All the Way

I was scheduled to participate in two performances on July 28, the fourth edition of “World of the Troubadours and Trobairitz” and the Spirituals Choir’s annual Della Hardman Day concert at East Chop Light. Lyme disease isn’t contagious and my … Continue reading

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The Year That Was: Everything Else

There was much more to my 2012 than politics. How do politics and “everything else” fit together? Here’s hoping 2013 offers some clues. Travvy Trav and I took several trips off-island, including four for Rally Obedience trials and one for … Continue reading

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Singing for Our Lives

We are a gentle, angry people and we are singing, singing for our lives . . . — Holly Near The spirituals choir sang at Union Chapel Saturday night. I knew it was going to be a good night when … Continue reading

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Spirituals at East Chop Light

I’d managed to miss all chances to hear the Martha’s Vineyard Spirituals Choir, despite best intentions and the fact that several friends sing in it, but this week I made up for lost time by hearing them twice, first at … Continue reading

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