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Coleus Comeback

It’s been a weird year for everything (understatement of the century), so not surprisingly my garden has been disappointing. The cherry tomato seedlings I bought looked spindly, and they pretty much lived up — or down — to their appearance, … Continue reading

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Singing After Charleston

I wrote this for the little blogsite I maintain for the U.S. Slave Song Project. I sing in the project’s Spirituals Choir, and yesterday we traveled off-island to sing at a Unitarian Universalist church in Canton, Mass. A moving and … Continue reading

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The Road to the Overlook

Writing about writing is usually boring except to writers, and when writers read writing about writing it’s often because they’re procrastinating or blocked or otherwise not writing. In this blog post I’m writing about writing, but I’m going to dress … Continue reading

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The Year That Was: Everything Else

There was much more to my 2012 than politics. How do politics and “everything else” fit together? Here’s hoping 2013 offers some clues. Travvy Trav and I took several trips off-island, including four for Rally Obedience trials and one for … Continue reading

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October License Plate Report

Would you believe, a third zippo month in a row? I think this is a record. Around mid-month I came home to a call on my answering machine: a friend had spotted New Mexico in Edgartown! She gave the location, … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, being in an electoral mood, I started to list the guys (with one exception, they are currently all guys) who are representing me at various levels of government. President Barack Obama Vice President Joe Biden Senator … Continue reading

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Elizabeth at the Library

Saturday mornings in summer, downtown West Tisbury is as jammed as down-island with people and cars. The Farmers Market draws a mob scene to the Grange Hall every Saturday and Wednesday. This morning the mob scene was augmented by those … Continue reading

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This Hope Thing

Sorry for the prolonged silence. The jerk who schedules my jobs booked me for two “crashes” — that’s publishing lingo for super-rushes — both of which had to be done yesterday. The hardcopy proofread made it to the UPS Store … Continue reading

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