Ice Art

Water dish

Water dish

Last week the temperature some days didn’t make it into double digits before Travvy and I left for our morning walk. Today it was in the mid-50s with the sun hiding behind clouds. I washed my hair after I got up, went walking with wet hair, and didn’t look like a cross between Medusa and the Snow Queen when I got home.

When it’s really cold overnight, Travvy’s outside water dish freezes solid. In the morning, I’d thaw the dish inside and set the ice disk outside. After several days I had enough to play with. Voilà: dog dish ice art!

20130128 ice disks 3

20130128 ice disks 1

By the morning of day 2, the installation had evolved. Travvy had tripped over it. Snow had fallen on it. The air had melted it. I had decided that a little color was called for, so I put Travvy’s Kong Wobbler in the middle of it.

20130129 ice disks

By the afternoon of day 2, the temperature was climbing. I wasn’t sure the installation would last till morning, so I grabbed my trusty point-and-shoot. Travvy added some texture to the composition.

20130129 pm w paw

As art critics go, Travvy is a master of tact.

20130129 pm w Trav

As day 3 dawned, the installation was hanging in there.

20130130 kong necklace

But day 3 — today — was not kind. The globe may or may not be warming, but my deck surely was.

20130130 fading w kong

By noon the dog dish ice art installation was (almost) history.

20130130 almost gone

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