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Got the “Whaddym’I Doin’ Here” Blues

I found this in my old Bloggery while looking for something else. Posted on November 3, 2005. I’ve passed a few milestones since then but the place I’m in now looks a lot the same, even though I’m living in … Continue reading

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Powerless over T-Shirts

I admitted I was powerless over T-shirts a long time ago but that hasn’t stopped the inexorable growth of my collection. I don’t know how many T-shirts I have. My T-shirts don’t want to be counted. Maybe they’re afraid that … Continue reading

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Tonight I renewed my membership in WUMB-FM. WUMB is a public radio station out of UMass.-Boston. It specializes in acoustic and roots music, and in giving radio voice to the Boston area’s vibrant music scene. I’ve been a member since … Continue reading

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Whose Arts & Ideas?

“First-Person Plural,” the preceding blog, lays the groundwork for this one. If you haven’t read it already, you might want to start there. As soon as your eye slips down the screen (it has already, right?), it will become apparent … Continue reading

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