At Sepiessa

Late yesterday afternoon I took Trav to the M.V. Land Bank’s Sepiessa Point Reservation so he could get his paws wet and we both could see something other than the same old same-old. Sepiessa is a great spit of land reaching toward the main body of Tisbury Great Pond. Tiah’s Cove is on the west side, little Tsissa on the east.

Travvy rolls in the long grass.

Travvy rolls in the long grass.

Travvy was more interested in the smells than the sights. It took some persuading to get him out of the parking lot and onto the trail that parallels the Tiah’s Cove shoreline. At the little canoe landing, we left the trail and walked along the beach. Trav found that even more exciting than the parking lot: shells! gulls! stinky dead stuff!

Coming toward us was a guy with a smartphone in hand.

20130705 rolling 2Did I know the area? he asked.

Sort of, I said.

His daughter was out kayaking, he explained, and he was supposed to meet her here, but he thought she might have gone down the next cove over. Could he get there by car?

It took me a moment that he meant Plum Bush Point Road, the next road over, which goes to the very upscale subdivision on the other side of Tiah’s Cove. Sure, he could drive down that road, I said, but I wasn’t sure he could get to the water.

20130705 rolling 3Plum Bush Point Road isn’t on my psychic map, though I’ve ridden, walked, or driven down it a few times over the years. It didn’t dawn on me till later that the cove on the other side of it is the aptly Short Cove, and it wouldn’t take a kayaker long to realize she was in the wrong place.

If she’d gone way off-course and headed down Town Cove, on the other hand, she’d probably still be paddling. Town Cove is the longest, broadest one on the pond, and it does — as its name suggests — go into town. To get there by car you’d have to hang a left out of the Sepiessa parking area, take Tiah’s Cove Road to New Lane to the Edgartown Road, bear left at the triangle, go past Alley’s, the church, and the town hall . . . Then you’d have to figure a way down to the water.

The guy probably didn’t want to know that. It’s just as well I didn’t think of it till later. Knowing too little is a problem — I do hope that father and daughter managed to find each other — but so is knowing too much.

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2 Responses to At Sepiessa

  1. Hal Davis says:

    Is that a variation of “You can’t get there from here”?


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