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January License Plate Report

I spot license plates. I spot license plates on Martha’s Vineyard. The license plates have to be (a) current, (b) mounted on moving vehicles, and (c) either on Vineyard roads or on the ferry going to or from the Vineyard. … Continue reading

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Death of an Indy Bookstore

Earlier this week I learned that Edgartown Books was closing for good at the end of February. I’m sorry, yes, not least because Edgartown Books took enough interest in my novel, The Mud of the Place, to keep it in … Continue reading

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Snow at Last

The temperature may dip down below 10 degrees F, Trav’s outside water may freeze solid every night, and longjohns, a wool sweater, and sheepskin slippers may be a constant part of my indoor wardrobe, but it isn’t really winter until … Continue reading

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Internet Blackout

High winds kept the SSA ferries in their slips last Friday and Saturday. Some people freaked out. Not me. Didn’t I once go two and a half years without going off-island? I started to wallow in my own smugness — … Continue reading

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Homage to Dr. King

I had something I wanted to write on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, and then on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I didn’t write it because I had a job I really had to get done. The job went off … Continue reading

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When I first heard a couple weeks ago that there’d be a musicale at the Pit Stop on January 14, I couldn’t wait. But as the date drew closer, my enthusiasm drooped. I didn’t want to go. I was afraid … Continue reading

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Apologies for long silence — work does tend to get in the way of life, even when you basically like what you do for a living. Two of the three jobs I’ve had in since mid-December were delivered either on … Continue reading

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Wandering Waylon is featured in a story in the new Martha’s Vineyard Times, along with a lovely photo by Betsy of Waylon and Kevin.

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My License Plate Fetish

Everyone should have a hobby, right? Mine is collecting license plates. Well, OK, not quite: I don’t go around swiping license plates off cars or buying them at estate sales. I live in a studio apartment and what disposable income … Continue reading

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To close out the old year, WordPress, the host of this blog, kindly e-mailed me an annual report. It’s so bling-intensive that it’s crashed or stalled Firefox every time I’ve tried to open it, but still, I appreciate the thought. … Continue reading

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