Noted While Walking

The town tennis courts are locked. The brand-new basketball court right next to it isn’t. This morning people were playing tennis on the basketball court.

About Susanna J. Sturgis

Susanna edits for a living, writes to survive, and has been preoccupied with electoral politics since 2016. She just started a blog about her vintage T-shirt collection: "The T-Shirt Chronicles." Her other blogs include "From the Seasonally Occupied Territories," about being a year-round resident of Martha's Vineyard, and "Write Through It," about writing, editing, and how to keep going.
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4 Responses to Noted While Walking

  1. I think that should be the Vineyard’s motto. Make do.


  2. Scaling walls to get onto locked tennis courts has a long history on MV. 🙂 Our knees and our nerve may not be what they used to be, but where there’s a will, there’s usually a way.


  3. susan says:

    Is there no end to the resourcefulness of those who play in the Vineyard?


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